Luis’s fascination with sculpture began at his home in Guadalajara in the 1980s. He began his studies at the Cabañas Cultural Institute. He then left Mexico to travel and to further his training in London, France, Italy, Greece, Israel and Egypt. His studies include bronze work, as well as jewelry design and silver casting techniques. In 1993, he traveled to Spain and took a course at the School of Arts and Crafts in Granada with Juan Manuel García as a teacher. Later in 1994 Spiridion took a bronze casting course at Comerden University of Wales, in the UK. She then went on to win an award at the International Jewelry Exhibition in Guadalajara. Luis has exhibited his works throughout Europe and Mexico, and since 1994 has been working in various artist studios, as well as on his own.

Luis’s sculptures of humans and animals are both playful and daring. He rarely uses molds. Often each piece is unique even though his obsession with certain subjects does not end. The animals that he creates are known to everyone, but they have some amazing details like shoes or hands instead of legs or hooves. In reality, they are human beasts. His characters are sensual and mythical; mermaids, angels and dancers. They are always in natural and relaxed poses, sometimes anonymous and fragmented, always seductive and stimulating. They are often attached to poetry written or “tattooed” on their skin. Perhaps this suggests that each one of us carries a poem, a code that speaks of our life. Luis’ sculptures may seem fragile or playful, but they are never classic or conservative. They are as complex and contrasting as the artist himself.