Immerse in an unforgettable experience


Connection at ArtWalk generates the relaxation at its most. You could immerse yourself in a cold pool surrounded by Jungle at atrium, exactly in the way you would have it in a creek in the mountain or you can connect the infinity heated pool view with the ocean at the horizon in the roof top poolr or roof top Jacuzzi.

Feel the heat of the fire


Delight yourself with the fire tones at every sunset at ART WALK. You could also feel the heat of the fire, live, around the Roof Top Fire Pit.

Leave the stress and enjoy the weather.


Bioclimatic ART WALK design will provide a continuous air flow throughout the whole building. Center atrium will work as a chimney that will receive mountain winds at night which will move upwards along the structure all the way to the roof top and across the mountain opened structure. During the day, several cross winds plus ocean breeze will hit external highly opened-vented façade of all units of the building. Interior hallways from the basement, with several openings will orchestrate the air as no other design in the area.

Connect with the mother of all


Biophilic Design on each corner of ART WALK generates the earth feeling constantly through the variety of tropical gardens in the building. ART WALK is sharing the soil feeling from basement in all surrounding walls, basement garden, hallways, and also original soil gardens available in some units.

Conquer freedom

Dare to be a part of something truly unique.